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Dr. Mark Hyman: Our diet is 60% ultra-processed food

2023-11-23 Trump attorney Joe Tacopina: No absolute legal theory matches the facts here Dr. Mark Hyman: Our diet is 60% ultra-processed food On this day in history, March 21, 1952, first rock concert held in Cleveland, ends in chaos, conflict TUCKER CARLSON: The US would never recover from the destruction of the justice system over Trump We have a president that is ‘totally out of touch’ with what’s happening in the world: Newt Gingrich New Yorkers voice their concerns over Trump probe Kansas man stumbles on human skeleton while searching for deer antlers Coming up on Tuesday, March 21 edition of ‘Special Report’ Simon Ateba: Biden White House looks down on me, is stonewalling to protect Karine Jean-Pierre Prosecuting Trump will backfire on Dems politically: Mike Davis Ingraham: The left will do anything in their power to stop Donald Trump The Bidens never thought the House would actually get the bank records: Charlie Hurt Seen and Unseen showcases KJP lambasting a reporter that called her out LAURA INGRAHAM: The Biden administration seems totally comfortable with the decline of the United States MLB could make some changes to new rules before Opening Day: report Ingraham: The only thing Anthony Fauci has mastered is deception The US wants the Ukraine war to continue: Glenn Greenwald Ingraham: Not a single government on earth takes the Biden Administration seriously Greg Gutfeld: Something shady is going on